Friday, 19 June 2009

Biodiversity Event - Pictures

Here are some pictures of the North Wales turbine up at the event in Bala. The building behind is Cywain the new rural heritage centre.


windturbines said...

good pictures, how much rated power of this wind turbine? 500w or 1kw?

Trystan Lea said...


The turbine is a 2.4m turbine. Its rated at 500W but it will only do this in a really high wind. I managed to get 500W out of it briefly the other day

A more useful measure is the avarage energy per day: from Hugh Piggotts wind turbine manual for the 2.4m design in an avarage windspeed of 11mph:

Avarage power: 100W
Energy per day: 2.5kWh
Amphours at 12V: 200Ah

Wind Turbine said...

500W from a 2.4m turbine? Excellent stuff guys...congrats!