Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas holidays and exams

We probably wont be doing any more work on the turbine until after Christmas and the exams. So it will probably be February before there are any more developments. Happy Christmas!

A Dragon Tail

On the 19th of November we made a start on building the tail, Don had suggested that the tail should be in the shape of the EWB-Cardiff logo!

So we set about working out how we would get this complicated shaped tail, free hand wasn't going to work and printing it out on a series of A4 sheets of paper would be tedious, so we decided that using the lecture theatre projectors was our best bet. We placed the plywood in front of the projector and drew around the image with a pencil:

And here's a picture of Don cutting using the jig saw to cut it out:

The next step is to paint, but do we paint the dragon black like the Cardiff logo or red because its Welsh?

Untitled from Trystan Lea on Vimeo.