Friday, 14 November 2008

Wednesday 2nd December

Next Wednesday Andrew Lamb, the Chief Executive of EWB will be visiting our Cardiff Branch.

From Dans email:

We have a series of events lined up for the day starting with a free lunch(!) at 1pm where we will launch the 2009 EWB-UK photo exhibition showcasing photography from placement and bursary volunteers on their projects around the world. This will be followed by a presentation from Andrew Lamb discussing every kind of issue that arises in the development sector.

This presentation is ideal for everyone... whether you've never thought of doing development work before but are perhaps now looking to get work experience overseas; maybe you're looking to boost your CV and want to know how you can get involved; or perhaps all you've ever wanted to do is relief work and you want to hear from someone with lots of experience in the sector. Andrew will be addressing such burning issues as..
- Is it all worth it?
- Why help people abroad when there are needs here?
- Is it just a free holiday or are we making a real difference?
- What's the best approach to development work?
- Will we do more harm than good?
He will also cover the history of EWB, their role in the development sector and how you can get involved.

After the presentation we have been asked to show the wind turbine. So this will probably take up most of the session this Wednesday.

Then off to the pub for a drink!

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