Sunday, 19 October 2008


If your reading this for the first time, welcome to the EWB Cardiff Wind turbine Blog! This blog is to serve as a record of what we do each week and how far we have got on the turbine. Hopefully it will mean that everyone involved can keep up with progress and that anyone interested can see what we are doing and get involved!

Last year 2007/2008 we started a project to build a wind turbine. We followed a design developed by Hugh Piggott of Scoraig Wind. The design has been used in development situations and by self-builders around the world. The all important manual:

The turbine has a blade diameter of 2.4m. Every part of the wind turbine is built from scratch. The blades are carved out of wood. The alternator is built from 24 permanent magnets mounted to 2 steel disks and 10 hand wound copper coils cast in resin. The blades and alternator and tail are attached to a welded steel mounting which sits on top of the tower.

We have currently finished carving the blades the alternator and the mounting. The next step is to make the tail, the tower and the electronics before we take it up in to the hills for testing!

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